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Your belongings are your very priced possession. Thus at Packers and Movers Mukerian we take special care to ensure that your things reach you in the manner and in the same condition that you gave them to us. However we would also like to guide you on the right way to pack your stuff when you are moving from Mukerian to any other city.

We consider this kind of packing in Mukerian or relocation in Mukerian to be very important. When our clients enter a new home then it is totally empty. There are some rooms that they need to make functional before the rest. Like for example for most of the people the kitchen is the most important part of the house and they want to start its operation as soon as possible. For this if they have kept all their kitchen utensils in one box then it makes it easy for them to unpack it and to start using it fast. They will not have to dig into each box to get their stuff.

This makes it easy for the things to get segregated. We also have specially made boxes and packing material to store your cutlery and their fragile items. So if the customer keeps it aside then we take special care to ensure that they get wrapped in our specialized packing materials that we use for transit in Mukerian. We just ask the member to ensure that they segregate the stuff so that there is no hassle at the last minute and this go into their respective boxes only.

We give you in the best way possible

You know your belongings the best. You know that has to kept where. This is why to smoothen out the process when you are moving from Mukerian to any other city we at Maruti Express have a conversation with our clients once they hire us for the relocation for Mukerian to any other city or even to relocate from Mukerian in the same city. Here is what we do to guide them well.

If needed we can also give them our boxes in advance so that in case they want to place them in the boxes before the shifting from Mukerian day or we can do it too. Alternatively they may want us to do the packaging in Mukerian and we are up to that as well.

Why is segregation important

There are so many things in the house that would have to be relocated. However there are also many things that your clients would want to dispose off. We ask them to start dong the sorting our soon so that they do not leave it for the last minute. This will not just lessen the clutter but also let them to think well.

We then ask our clients to segregate items based on a particular category. This is a very important thing that we follow at maruti packers whether you are shifting within or outside Mukerian. Like for example we tell our clients to keep kitchen items in one box, books in the other, children toys in the third etc.

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