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Although we had our eyes open for every possible chance of being challenged as an organization, we embraced the competition and decided to keep it healthy as long as it doesn’t hamper with our reputation. As we all know that competition can be cruel and sometimes brutal even. The thing about competition is that it has no nature of its own, it’s always dependent on the players in the game. We at Maruti Express know that there are many external factors like social and political interferences, cyber-attacks, and much emergence of new companies in the sector, but the most important is the goodwill of the organization itself.

We had an idea before entering the market that being the best packers and movers in Ajmer would not be easy, and so we decided to keep our motto clear and our eyes open. Risk management is still a far-fetched notion for most of the organization but we studied the market too well to know that risk management is an inevitable endeavor. Although packing and moving services in Ajmer was pretty conventional we sensed that a circumstance might come when someone among the packers and movers in Ajmer might try to sledge off a bit. Question the processes of an organization that offers something new on the table has the same traditional value as trash-talking in a fight, but all of it boils down to one point, “is it healthy for the business?” and if the answer isn’t in your favor, as an organization, one should stand-up and handle the matter tactfully.

Important measures Maruti Express took as it entered Ajmer

Goodwill of an organization is always dependent on both the internal and external factors. Internal factors like manufacturing and in our case, training and orientation of the employees eventually hamper the quality of the services. Which in turn makes the organization lose all its potential and existing customs and that leads to only one thing, losing future business and ending up winding the business from that particular place or as a whole if the situation worsens. We experienced the same wave of competition between the packers and movers in Ajmer as we faced when we commenced in our local market, but the point to keep in mind was, to expect the unexpected.

Thankfully, Maruti Express plans ahead of all this. It’s not like we somehow foresaw or anticipated every move in the market, but we prepared in a way that all of our plans covered mostly all of the circumstances. When you take a closer look and observe, outsourcing a team of professionals that’ll train the top-tier management to deal with such questions and allegations that might risk the future of our business, wasn’t rocket-science after-all. Risk management is an important step and thus, it needs to be taken care of with all the due importance. If something unforeseen may befall on our organization someday, that might cause a risk for our organization, we have our employees coached-up by professionals who specialize in matters like these. They not only train the employees but help them analyze the factors that might lead to it.

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