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Maruti Packers and Movers Pvt. Ltd.

There are many companies that offer moving service. But you will never know whom you can trust complete. We have a list of the best and reliable companies who have the complete licenses. So rest assured, that when you hire through us we will help to connect you with the best.

Benefits of hiring a professional movers company

Now that you understand the disadvantages of doing the shipping by yourself you need to understand the benefits of hiring a professional. The professional will take care of your packing as well as unpacking they are experts at carrying out specialized packing and moving and know how to take care of the various challenges.

Hire only the reliable and affordable movers

When you reach out to you get best quotations from your nearby movers. They are skilled and offer A grade transportation and packing. They also have a supportive customer service team.

Who takes care of loading and unloading - The loading, unloading and transit is taken care of by professional moving company because you have an insurance policy with you when you trust a shifting company in Your city for your relocation needs.

Why should you hire professional movers in Your city - You enjoy stress free transport when you hire a professional movers company in Your city.

Risk that you take when you do not hire professional packers

if you are in a fix deciding whether to hire a reputed movers and packers company or do it yourself then read below to know the risks of not hiring a professional. The amateurs would not have the training and the skill to move your belongings.

Charges of packers and movers

A 1 bhk movement in your city charges you as low as Rs 3600 a 2bhk charges you around Rs.4800 and a 3bhk charges you around Rs. 6500. You can now see how affordable are the shifting charges of the moving companies that you hire through us.

Comparing the moving companies

There should be quite a few companies listed out in front of you. You should make sure to check the company details, their licenses, rating and reviews and if possible visit the company address personally to be assured that they are reliable.

How to hire a moving company on Google

Just type in the keyword of the company that you want and the list will pop up right in front of you. Hire through us because we have omitted any fake companies from our list.

How do we offer to you a reliable shifting service provider

Do not go through all the hassles of searching for companies for location in Google or go through individual reviews and visiting companies. Just reach out to us. We have done all the homework for you and all that you need to do is to go through our list and then decide which one is the best suited for you.

How can you hire a relocation company for safe relocation within or outside Your city?

Reach out to us. Again if you plan to do the movement by yourself in Your city then this means you will end up spending more time and money because you are not sure of the best way to carry this task out. You will have shortage of efficient helpers which could delay your shipping time and also cost you extravagantly. To transport your goods from one place to another may not be available easily. You need to understand the exact size of the truck that you will need for relocation. There is also the risk of self-injury and damage to your belongings which in turn will lead to excess of money wasted.

Services offered by the packer and movers in your city

The moving companies in Your city offer total household movement, local moving in Your city, outstation movement from Your city, bike shifting, car transport, cargo shifting, storage facilities, logistic services, office shifting and international moving from Your city as well. We are this a one stop shop for all that you need.

Why should you hire movers’ company from ?

When you hire movers companies from us then you will get many reliable companies to compare the quotes from so that you get the best for the cheapest rate. You will also get professional service.

Hiring guide of the relocation services

If you wish to relocate to a new home then we are there to help. We have a list of the best movers and packers in Your city that is near to your location. We are a reputed platform and have tied up with the best service providers.

Tips on how to shift in Your city

Within or outside Your city follow the guidelines laid down by the shipping company and you will be able to relocate with ease.

Tips to move few items

Our team is experienced and they know the best ways to shift you from one place to another whatever your items.

Tips to Relocate outside Your city

Plan and organize and you will be able to relocate anywhere with ease.

Tips to Relocate your car from Your city

All that you need to do is to go through the services and compare through them to understand which one is offering the best car relocation service within your price range.

Tips to Move Offices

Do not look elsewhere but at if you want to relocate anywhere within or outside Your city, they are the best!

Tips for Bike Transport from Your city

Relocate bike with ease when you reach out to the companies listed. When you enter our website you will get to see the list of the top movers and packers companies. Disadvantages of not to hiring professional packers and movers and advantages of hiring one of them.

Moving a house or office is a huge responsibility to be fulfilled and hence, the service provider should be the best in the business. To make it simpler for the client, Packers and Movers in Kolkata promise to deliver best quality service with a time-bound agreement. They do not believe in unprofessional practice and try to manage the cases without any doubts like loss of property/ goods or any unpredictable damage. All that has to be considered by the client before signing the agreement and moving further with the planning and moving procedure.

Once the decision is made, the team works on how many goods are to be packed and their weight is measured to get an exact idea about the volume and packing material required for that. Gradually, after doing a brief evaluation of all the objects, they decide a time frame in which minor asks are to be completed so as to finish up the whole task on time. A supervisor allocates small teams to look after the steps and they remain as constant anchors with till the final shifting is done.

Why Maruti Express Packers and movers, a complete service provider?

Stuffing all your belongings into different boxes is not much fun as it involves a lot of work starting from arranging them in different groups categorizing and sorting them to your preference. With a large number of boxes staring across at you it sometimes becomes a daunting task assimilating each item according to their categories an oftentimes tedious. But there are some ways which can make packing less frustrating and easier to do. Here are some packing moving tips that will make your packing experience a lot less frustrating and easier to do.

Here is how to find the best moving company in Your city

With a bundle of task surrounding you, it is best not to procrastinate and get on with your work. Though it is difficult at first it will get easier day by day. It is best to start categorizing each boxes starting from the most essential thing to least essential thing. This categorization will help you in accumulating things according to their specific category. Since packing things gets tough along the way it is preferred to start with things that are least essential and go up the day ladder day by day. Once you start with small things it will help you in keeping with the pace and makes it less overwhelming.

While in such scenarios it is common to lose track of some important items or often forget to pack them it is best to first start with a particular category. Sorting items through their categories will help in minimising losing track of items and hence provide a hassle-free experience. Things that are of extreme importance should be packed first followed by other necessities. Get rid of unessential things that you don’t want in your room.

Local Packers and Movers Charges and Price List

Shifting Type Within 10 KM Within 20 KM Within 30 KM Within 40 KM Within 50 KM
Few Home Items 1,500 - 6,500 2,500 - 7,500 3,500 - 9,500 4,500 - 11,500 5,500 - 13,500
1 BHK Home Items 2,500 - 7,500 3,500 - 8,500 4,500 - 10,500 5,500 - 12,500 6,500 - 15,500
2 BHK Home Items 5,500 - 9,500 6,500 - 11,500 7,500 - 13,500 8,500 - 14,500 9,500 - 16,500
3 BHK Home Items 9,500 - 15,500 10,500 - 16,500 12,500 - 18,500 13,500 - 19,500 14,500 - 20,500
4 BHK / Villa Items 10,500 - 16,500 11,500 - 17,500 13,500 - 19,500 14,500 - 20,500 16,500 - 22,500
Office Items 11,500 - 17,500 13,500 - 19,500 16,500 - 20,500 17,500 - 22,500 18,500 - 23,500

Book Best Packers & Movers Near You and Guaranteed On-time and Safe Delivery

Maruti Express Packers and Movers is one of the top most packers and movers with branches all over India. We are best at offering our valuable service at the regional level to all our clients. Our flawless service and fastest delivery have ensured us an impeccable position in the Packers and Movers industry.

Make sure to get a box that contains all your fragile items such as things made of glasses and other delicate showpieces under one category and secure them tightly with bubble wrap. Make sure that the items inside the box are secure enough as these items often break while moving. Without getting yourself jumbled with packing items from different rooms it is best to focus on one room for one day. Focusing on more than one will make this a more cumbersome process and difficult to follow up resulting in losing track.

It is best to keep valuable things such as jewellery, ornaments and other similar commodities safely packed and are kept to yourself personally. These group of items should not be mixed with the others and will be kept separated and personally under your provision.

For all your apparels and stuff it is best to pack them with bin bags. Take some of your apparels together along with their hangers and wrap around it with a beanbag. If you have more than one member in your family, then it is best to not mix theirs with yours. Bean bags are best for any clothing material and for accountability it is best to mark them.

Sort all your home appliances starting from furniture to electronics according to their respective categories. These above guidelines along with proper planning are sure to provide a stress-free experience in packing household commodities.

Domestic Packers and Movers Charges and Reviews

Shifting Type Within 250 KM Within 500 KM Within 1000 KM Within 1500 KM Within 2500 KM
1 BHK Home Items 10,500 - 18,500 11,500 - 22,500 12,500 - 26,500 13,500 - 32,500 14,500 - 38,500
2 BHK Home Items 12,500 - 22,500 14,500 - 26,500 16,500 - 32,500 18,500 - 38,500 20,500 - 45,500
3 BHK Home Items 14,000 - 32,500 16,000 - 40,500 19,000 - 48,500 22,000 - 55,500 28,000 - 65,500
4 BHK / Villa Items 20,500 - 36,500 24,500 - 42,500 29,500 - 52,500 35,500 - 62,500 45,500 - 78,500
Office Items 14,500 - 42,500 18,500 - 48,500 28,500 - 55,500 34,500 - 68,500 38,500 - 85,500
Car 3,500 - 11,500 4,500 - 18,500 9,500 - 21,500 11,500 - 26,500 15,500 - 35,500

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Move with Hassle Free

Now you can transport your same place from one place to another safely without any interruption. We will give you the best service.

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What We Provide

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should you choose Maruti Express Packers and Movers?

Maruti Express Packers and Movers offer the best relocation services at the affordable price range. We offer services in almost all major cities of India. Our services are distinct and unique when compared to all other packers and movers services. The safety of your goods is guaranteed and there is no need to worry about the damage of any goods in relocation. There is no case of malfunctioning in our entire service. You will not face any stacking, packaging, or unloading issues. All these tasks are performed by an experienced and professional team.

Will you offer car carrier services?

Yes, we offer car carrier service as well. Even though moving vehicles is not a small challenge, we are here to serve you with the best relocation service. Either it is within the city or outside a state, you can rely on Maruti Express Packers and Movers for car carrier services as well.

What about insurance?

Even though professionals deliver goods with the utmost care, there can be natural calamities and unforeseen accidents. These situations cannot be controlled and that is the reason we offer insurance for the goods under relocation. So, when you hire us, you need not run around other insurance offices. For the goods damaged during transportation, we take responsibility.

Insurance cover for transportation and loading and unloading?

Yes, we cover insurance for both transportation time and even for loading and unloading. So, if something happens to the good at the time of transportation you need to worry about that. Meantime when the professionals are loading and unloading the goods some accidents may occur and that can damage your goods. But you will get all the necessary refund for all types of accidents.

Are Maruti packers and movers covering office shifting?

Yes, we cover offer office shifting services as well. So, you can rely on us for house shifting, office shifting, and vehicle shifting in any state and all major cities. We offer you with excellent and unmatchable relocation service.

How to get the estimate?

You can get the estimate online. There is no need to pay anything for getting the estimate. It is completely free. You can visit our official website and fill in the form of getting a free quote.

Is there any condition on the type of goods?

No, if you hire us for relocation, we can load and unload all kinds of goods. We can transit all your household goods without any delay. We serve you door to door and you can forget about packing and unpacking once you hire us. Whether it is electronics appliances or kitchen articles or it can be some other expensive item, we are here to pack it safely and deliver it to the destination.

Is there any extra charge to be paid for quick services?

No, all our relocation services are delivered at their best. We offer reliable and quick services at affordable prices. There is no need to spend a lot on relocation if you hire us. All our services are affordable and we have 100% customer satisfaction in years of experience.

Packing and Moving Material we are Using

Thermocol Sheet

Straping Tape

Foam Roles

Cartoon Boxes

Bubble Role

Air Bubble Sheet